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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

 Tris Mahaffay - Guitar

Born in Seattle, Tris’s first recollections of music were from his dad Chuck Mahaffay. Chuck Mahaffay And The Individuals were a main stay in Seattle. His father was on TV and Radio.  He was a record producer and band leader, performing night club gigs.  Names like Quincy Jones, Bob Alcivar, Ralph Towner and Larry Coryell were all close friends. Watching the inter workings of the recording studio at  Kearney Bartons in downtown Seattle made a permanent impact on Tris. You simply can't escape your DNA. It was not until being transplanted to Southern California that Tris got serious about playing music himself, but more on that story later.  For now...just herding CATS!

Steve Greco - Drums

What can we say about Steve? Steve has been playing drums since the age of 11 and has never not been in a band. A true musician’s "musician", growing up in a musical family on healthy doses of pop, rock, soul, prog and jazz influences. He lends his talent to many local bands laying down the backbeat...and is easily the most active musician in the band. Steve is a multi talented guy too. He’s as comfortable behind a recording console as he is behind his drum kit. It's not uncommon to see him in the studio engineering or producing side projects as well as playing both bass and drums as a session player. Steve sings as well and shares backup harmony duties for The Original Striker!!

Ben Wiener-Vocals

Ben "our fearless front man" handles the lead vocals in the group and is the master of ceremonies at our shows. Growing up in Los Angeles and influenced by vocalists like Robert Plant and Klaus Meine, Ben is a true force to be reckoned with. Never at a loss for words, Ben has a quick wit and simply dangerous sense of humor. It’s not uncommon for a Striker practice to basically fall apart in lieu of stand up comedy. Seriously though, Ben is a truly gifted "wordsmith" with catchy lyrics and melodies. A true pro in every sense of the word.

Bill Crowder - Bass

Bill handles bass in the band; and that is an understatement in the truest sense of the word. Lots of jokes are made about bass players, but not this guy. Bill plays guitar, keyboards, and sings backup in the band. Bill has a talent like no other for creative musical ideas. The Original Striker's songs have all been lucky enough to have Bill as an arranger. Bill can tell you what to do when and where musically, a gift not found in many bands. From the construction and flow of a song we have been given a true gift to have Bill as the "go to guy" in song structure and a killer sense of arrangement!